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Eagle Scouts

PCGS has been the proud sponsor of two Boy Scouts in pursuit of their Eagle Scout Awards. The first one was in 2006, when Jonathan Corns a member of Troop 65 of Stuart, researched Patrick County Cub and Boy Scouting history including conducting oral interviews, abstracting articles on scouting from the Enterprise microfilm and paper, and obtaining pictures having to do with scouting. It contains a summary of Boyscouting in Patrick County as well as a timeline, a complete list of Eagle Scouts from Patrick County, interviews from numerous people involved in Scouting in Patrick County, and newspaper articles on Scouting in Patrick County. His project is entitled "On the Wings of an Eagle A History of Boyscouting in Patrick County, Virginia." Way to go Jonathan, we are so proud of you.

Eagle Scouts

In 2007, we sponsored Brandon Mizelle who is a Boy Scout with a Troop in Stokes County, NC (right over the Patrick County line). Brandon worked very hard with his family, members of PCGS, the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints, and Fain family members to cleanup and restore the Jacob Fain Cemetery located on Turner Brothers Lane here in Stuart. Much time was spent cleaning up weeds, mowing, gathering up broom straw, cutting trees down out of the cemetery, etc. to make the cemetery accessible again. This was a major undertaking to reclaim what was once a forest, and we thank all of those who helped Brandon in this endeavor. We have a write-up about Brandon's project below. Brandon, we are very proud of you too and we know how very hard this was for you. Thank you for your dedication.



By Alpha Hiatt

On Sunday, June 15th, family and friends came together for the rededication of the Jacob Fain Cemetery located at the foot of Lover's Leap Mountain in Stuart. The Stuart Wharton Camp 1832 Sons of Confederate Veterans rededicated the grave of Jacob Fain for whom the cemetery is named after. Jacob served in Co. D of the 12th VA Infantry and Co. J Confederate Reserves of Patrick County. He was the son of Henry B. and Nancy Hylton Fain. Jacob married first to Elamanda Boyd, and second to Lydia Vipperman.

This is the ancestral Fain Cemetery of all Fain's in Patrick County. Jane Harris who married Richard Fain (the earliest Fain ancestor to Patrick County) is buried in this cemetery and her grave has been located. She is a descendant of Pocahontas. During the rededication, four temporary markers were placed for Queenie, Ollie, and Irene Fain all children of Elijah Preston (he is buried in this cemetery) and Sarah Ellen Lawson Fain; and for a child named Margaret the daughter of Ira Talman and Emma Grey Fain. These temporary markers were donated by Moody Funeral Home of Stuart. Also buried in this cemetery is Ellen Martin, the wife of James B. "Douth" Martin and two of their children Sallie and Boby. Ellen was the daughter of William Fain (son of Richard) and Temperance Hylton. Temperance's grave has now been found in this cemetery. James A. Fain, a one day old child of Jesse Alvis and Lorine Howell Fain is buried here also. There are approximately forty eight unmarked graves in the cemetery.

Brandon Mizelle, a Boy Scout, cleaned up this cemetery and erected three signs denoting the cemetery in pursuit of his Eagle Scout Award for which PCGS was his sponsor. He worked very hard and long hours to reclaim what did look like a forest. Brandon had help from his father, two brothers, and descendants of Jacob Fain in this cleanup along with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Our thanks to Mike Shough the landowner, who was wonderful to PCGS, Brandon, and the family in allowing us to restore this cemetery and to Ralph Turner for bush hogging the wagon road so we could have access to the cemetery for the rededication.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who helped in this rededication. This is another great project that the Boy Scouts have undertaken.

Our desire is that the descendants continue to maintain this cemetery after all the hard work that has gone into restoring it, and that this project has educated them about their roots.